‘A stand up comedian locks horns with a fiendish heckler, who becomes his stalker… Things then take much more sinister turn’

The re-emergence of 80’s Horror

The unique nature of the Horror genre is that fear translates into a universal language on screen – a primal emotion born into everyone. Horror is the only genre with a colossal, loyal fan base, who largely still purchase physical copies (DVD, Blu-Ray) as well as being hungry for video on demand content. Meaning both corners of the market are covered.

Eighties horror films ironically (given their scares) give us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. This style of horror represents a more innocent time for cinema where the cabin in the woods style and the psycho-killer styles hadn’t yet become cliche. ‘Heckle’ pays homage to eighties tropes whilst having its primary core as a modern, intelligent horror . Heckle is perfectly placed in the market when audiences will not accept cheap thrills or over used plot devices that are so common today.


The concept of a stand up comedian locking horns with an insane heckler is the flame burning from the start of the narrative. That simple ‘what if?’ that Horror audiences are always asking – ‘what if this happened to me?’ We’ve all been to stand up comedy events and most of us have seen a moment where it seems a comedian may have gone too far. The Heckle script pushes that premise through a blackly comic journey, with an unforeseen and terrifying twist that ultimately results in a grizzly conclusion…

Key Cast

Clark Gable

Clark Gable is an American actor and model.

As the grandson of Clark Gable, he has already made great contributions to the entertainment industry. Gable started modelling at the age of 5 and began acting very young also. He has modelled for many designers including Prada, Chrome Hearts, Disney and most recently the iconic Converse “Classics” campaign. Gable has been in numerous music videos including those for artists Madison Cain and Lucy Schwartz. Gable has also starred in and hosted the controversial hit television show Cheaters since 2012. Cheaters is syndicated in over 120 Countries worldwide. Gable is also a business entrepreneur in the tech and fashion industry, Clark Gable III studied acting at the New York Film Academy and completed his first major motion picture while studying abroad in Italy. With his large following and family legacy, Clark is sure to attract global interest for Heckle.


Internet sensation ‘Stuggy’ is an actor and comedian with a huge fanbase including 2.1 million facebook followers, and has agreed to promote Heckle with us through his audiences.

Dani Dyer

Currently in ‘Survival of the fittest’, Dani has over 200K twitter followers and is excited to promote the film with us also.